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Our partners

  • Spectrum Center (Oman)

An excellent grade company established in 2001, in purpose of providing Information Technology & Communications services and solutions to Fulfulde the needs of the citizen and local communications companies. Also to provide the skilled profusions as staff and engineers in this firm. Moreover to registered international brands (franchise) to achieve the quality of products.

  • Total Quality LLC (Oman)

An excellent grade company established in 2010, in purpose of constricting of main refurbishments and additions maintenance. As well as import/exports business. Also providing services and products to the Oil & Gas working sites via (JSCG) international registration system.

  • Sumail Fusion & Style

An Omani company established in 2014, in purpose of providing the essential needs of ladies tailoring items, as well as different and huge quantity of heritage and culture ladies clothe. Also providing skilled ladies tailors for sawing, tailoring and embroidery with high quality standers and competitors prices.